The Desert Road

Me being me… I’m feeling rather energised after this (loooong) drive … because driving always makes me feel fluid and relaxed. I’m melting into the black asphalt in the darkness of the night at 100 kms/hour with zero stars above, less distracting anyway and I’m haunted no more by thoughts, I’m a fugitive – running from civilisation. Although I have to say, as I am driving, I feel constantly stabbed by the sharp strokes of orange lights jumping at me like tigers one at the time from the sides of the road — each of them sharpening my senses, making me feel more present in the moment, each one a perfect moment in time. So much for running away.

Oh and my favourite treat, the Desert Road between night and day … mysterious and contemplative inviting me to simply sink into its brown camouflaged hues … My thirst for freedom is quenched in New Zealand only by this road, I don’t know why that is…

This road…, it curves me up and down, rounds me around and decelerates my rush as it takes time to unfold. So magnificent to drive through here… to the left, I feel grounded looking at the frozen white mountain, shrouded in clouds today, to the right, fields of mist make me yearn to uncover them one at the time. Alas, it is almost dark so the temptation fades into black. The humming of the car vibrating slightly all around me feels powerful, I am the machine, my peripersonal space is extending to the wheels and to the dark blue paint. I think I drive fast but it feels like time is slowing down, I can freeze every frame and enjoy melting into the car, into the road, into the engine’s delicate but explosive power, and I’m touching the skin of the road with headlights like fingers running shivers slowly up and then slowly down its spine. The road feels smooth and I open my heart wide letting it all in go in through me; and underneath the blanket of low clouds and mist I feel connected and alive.