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September 2020 night sky

Find out what’s in the night sky in September 2020 with Hari, Sam from the South and Peter Detterline form the Northern Hemisphere. Why bother with space · 2020 September Star Safari

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How To Find Matariki in 2020

To find Matariki you have to get up before dawn and catch this beautiful cluster rising just before the Sun. The sky will be brighter because of the approaching dawn so Matariki can be tricky to spot if you don’t know where to look. This video shows you how to find Matariki.

How to find the sombrero galaxy

In this little video we’ll show you how to find the beautiful Sombrero Galaxy. This is easy to spot and is a very distinctive looking galaxy. The galaxy is about 28 million light years away near the constellation of Corvus. We start by showing you how to find Corvus and assume you already know how to find the Southern Cross. If you don’t know how to find the Southern Cross then watch our video called “How to Find The Southern Cross”. Try this out and let us know if you found the Sombrero Galaxy.

How to find a black hole

With this video you will be able to find a star that is possibly in a binary pair with a black hole. It’s 1000 light years away and is the closest black hole to us.

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Keep safe looking up

The International Asteroid Day is observed every year on 30th of Jun. What prompted this and who is watching over us?

50 Years Since Apollo 9, Spider and Gumdrop

50 years ago Apollo 9 launched and carried three crew members around the Earth for ten days testing the spacecraft and systems that would ultimately take people to the Moon.

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The Milky-Way.Kiwi Telescope Course

Telescopes are our window into the universe but they can also burn a big hole in your wallet and be a huge source of frustration if you don’t get the right one.

Solar Glasses

Holly McClelland makes a great pledge for using solar glasses even when we don’t look at eclipses.

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