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In February

Learn about Gastronomy in February, Bulls, Dogs, Beehives and a month packed with action as we have a comet visiting, the Moon making too much light and the centre of the Milky Way around the corner.

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In January

In January we have Dogs, Cats, we look at our Closest Neigbours and learn how to Gastronomy. This time of the year, looking north we are gazing towards the edge of the galaxy. Janus was the Roman deity that gave the name to January.

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In November

In November, the night is getting very short. The Sun is setting at 8pm and rises at 6am. The Galactic centre sets at sunset. Orion and the edge of the galaxy rise after sunset. The Magellanic Clouds are finally in a very good position to observe.

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Where are the satellites?

Where are the satellites? We hear a lot about GPS, Hubble, the ISS and a load of other satellites, but not often where they are or much about how they got there, or how they stay there.