The Binos Have Arrived

Milky-Way.kiwi just purchased a pair of Celestron 15x70mm Binoculars and this is the first of a series of articles on how we put them to good use!

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The Binoculars have arrived! So this will be a series of articles that describe Milky-Way.kiwi’s adventures with the new piece of astronomical equipment. Of course with any new equipment there’s the excitement of rushing in and unwrapping – and of course the discarding of the instructions, as any self respecting astronomer has no need of those! (more about that folly later). We were hoping that the binos would arrive before Christmas so we could treat ourselves a Christmas present, but too bad they arrived today, the day after Boxing Day. Well today would be our un-Boxing Day, of the binos. Here’s the first stage of the unboxing – kind of like a Russian doll set!

Oh, but this is just the beginning of the excitement:

The grand unveiling! And finally the insides!

Naturally this was the point when we wanted to try them out. So quick as a flash the wrapping was undone, the lens caps were off and discarded and the binos were out. Only to be as blurry as opening your eyes underwater! After a bit of muttering the instructions seemed to have found a role, fortunately not all of Milky-Way.kiwi is incapable of using binos, so as I was wondering why I couldn’t get them in focus, it soon became apparent I was the only one having trouble. It turned out the glass pane I was look my out of was quite a bit more distorted, hence the weird focus. With that problem solved we were able to observe the aircraft on final approach into Wellington Airport.

The first impression of these is that they are awesome, well built and perfectly aligned. The real test will be when we point them skyward!