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When is Matariki?

It is the month of June again and, once more, here in New Zealand, we celebrate the Maori New Year, Matariki. But is Matariki really falling in June this year? … Is there anyone actually looking at the stars anymore? Kia Kaha and clear skies… and then since it’s Matariki soon and we are also remembering the dead, let’s not forget the Tohunga Suppression Act from 1907, and pray that the spirits of the tohunga tatai arorangi are watching us from the heavens, to send us hints to help us figure out when Matariki really is.

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What is a Milky-Way.Kiwi

A Milky Way Kiwi is someone who shows up to live in the future. A bit wild, very curious, a Milky Way Kiwi chooses life and cares about it. It knows that he or she is made of stardust. And because of that everything is possible in life. He or she knows that we are beautiful, bright and eternal, just like the stars.

The short story is: please stop eating Kiwis, they are humans too…

The difference between kiwis, Kiwis and kiwis (syn. kiwifruits)

A. The kiwi

Kiwi, in small caps, (as opposite to Kiwi – please note the capital letter, and to kiwifruit, which seems to have the word fruit after kiwi) is a flightless bird, endemic to New Zealand. Which is why (I’m thinking), for the majority of people, you either have to be from New Zealand or have friends there, to remotely know what a kiwi (bird) looks like.