NGC 4833, globular cluster in Musca

This small video shows how to find the globular cluster NGC 4833, which is in the constellation Musca. It’s quite a tricky glob to find, especially if the Moon is out or you have any light pollution. I spotted it with 15X70 binoculars two nights ago and in the telescope you can resolve a few stars.

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Quick find: Sombrero Galaxy

In this little video we’ll show you how to find the beautiful Sombrero Galaxy. This is easy to spot and is a very distinctive looking galaxy. The galaxy is about 28 million light years away near the constellation of Corvus. We start by showing you how to find Corvus and assume you already know how to find the Southern Cross. If you don’t know how to find the Southern Cross then watch our video called “How to Find The Southern Cross”. Try this out and let us know if you found the Sombrero Galaxy.

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