What is a Milky-Way.Kiwi

A Milky Way Kiwi is someone who shows up to live in the future. A bit wild, very curious, a Milky Way Kiwi chooses life and cares about it. It knows that he or she is made of stardust. And because of that everything is possible in life. He or she knows that we are beautiful, bright and eternal, just like the stars.

The short story is: please stop eating Kiwis, they are humans too…

The difference between kiwis, Kiwis and kiwis (syn. kiwifruits)

A. The kiwi

Kiwi, in small caps, (as opposite to Kiwi – please note the capital letter, and to kiwifruit, which seems to have the word fruit after kiwi) is a flightless bird, endemic to New Zealand. Which is why (I’m thinking), for the majority of people, you either have to be from New Zealand or have friends there, to remotely know what a kiwi (bird) looks like.

At the center of our Galaxy, a dark patch resembles to a kiwi bird. What a coincidence for us here in New Zealand that it looks exactly like our most beloved bird! (Watch this space for ‘What is a kiwibird?’).

The Northern Hemispherians call the patch the dark horse. Since ‘dark horse’ is an English expression, most of people who don’t speak English (or good English) have no idea what that means, however let me tell you that I believe that our kiwi is a true ‘dark horse’*.

And, you can see it with the naked eye from New Zealand, the country of the dark skies!

 Milky Way Kiwi (1)
It’s not an easy task to be the Milky Way Kiwi, after all, it carries the center of the galaxy on its head. [Right on top of our imaginary bird, just like a crown, there is a region called Sagittarius A, which is one of the names of the black hole that holds our galaxy together.] Other than that, on November’s evening sky, the Kiwi also heads towards the bow of Te Waka o Tamarereti, in a celestial encounter of symbols.

You can see the Milky Way Kiwi with the naked eye from Lake Tekapo! Earth and Sky knows where it is and they can show you!

B. The Kiwi

Unlike the native (endemic) kiwi, all people of New Zealand chose to show up here from somewhere else.

A bunch of Kiwis

The word goes that sitting in the bus in Wellington (the capital city) feels like sitting in the United Nations… (that’s what one of my professors said). New Zealand today is a very cosmopolitan society … a multinational and multicultural state!

New Zealanders navigated their way here either by the stars, or by GPS in more modern times… it’s an island, there is no other way! On top of that, New Zealand‘s nickname of being the Petri dish of humanity (as per Kevin A. who also mentioned that EFTPOS and other things were trialled here first), makes it the home of coolest, globally engineered, race of explorers that has ever walked on Earth and who are also braving the future every second of their existence: according to the Time Zones convention, here is where the day starts on Earth. New Zealanders call themselves Kiwis – capital letter (and are very proud of being called that).

C. The kiwifruit

Please don’t confuse that with the kiwifruit – as I heard many times people saying – “I’m going to eat a kiwi now” and STOP EATING KIWIS! please … (watch this space for ‘What is a kiwifruit’ for further clarifications if needed).

The Milky Way Kiwi bias

I am biased and I admit it! I see the Milky Way Kiwi where I should see a horse. But since in the other hemisphere things are upside down, I also believe that this is just a matter of perspective. After all, the Milky Way Kiwis are walking on Earth today as they have done it since the beginning of times, as dark horses.

Milky Way Kiwi in the Utah desert walking towards the Mars Desert Research Station
I took this picture of the Milky Way Kiwi in the Utah desert. The Kiwi is walking towards the Mars Desert Research Station.

There is a Milky Way Kiwi at the heart of all of us!

* dark horse noun (merriam-webster)

: a person, animal, or thing that competes in a race or other contest and is not expected to win
: a person who has interesting qualities or abilities that most people do not know about

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