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We go stargazing in the Wairarapa every Friday and Saturday.

If you cannot make it to Wairarapa or New Zealand, you can still learn astronomy online with us with SLOOH. 

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Why is important to have women in STEM.

If you don’t understand STEM then it’s like living in a bubble. How can you run anything without fear if you don’t understand what’s underpinning it? STEM is not a goal, STEM is just tools to help you achieve your dreams better and knowing that you are supported by something solid, that science is backing you up, and then it doesn’t matter what you do; you know you will make the difference.


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We partnered with Astroreality because they have amazing educational resources: 3D-printed mini planets, notebooks (and we always loved a good notebook), mugs – who wouldn’t want to drink their coffee with the Moon? All of these products are enhanced with augmented reality. What does that mean is that all you need to do is scan them with your phone and discover a wealth of up to date content and some very cool graphics.  Check them out in our Cosmic Shop.


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