Mars is within reach. The most populated with robots planet awaits for its first human visitors.

Check out our podcast and resources about Mars. Listen to Mitch Schulte, NASA scientist with Perseverance Rover as he talks about how it is to work on Mars and what one needs to do if they want a job like that.

Follow Hari as she trained as an analog Mars astronaut at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.

From Moon to Mars

3D printed, augmented reality.

We partnered with Astroreality  to provide a different kind of educational resources. Explore their textures – they are 3D printed or use your phone to discover augmented reality. 

 Mini Planets, Mini Solar System, Earth Pro, Moon Pro, Moon Classic, notebooks, all enhanced with augmented reality. Scan them with your phone and discover layers upon layers of information. 

They always keep the students busy. They are inquiry-based hands-on learning tools. 

We have resources for teachers, please contact us if you are a teacher and already got Astroreality products.