Neptune - Astro Reality Mini Planet

The AstroReality mini Neptune is a fantastic 3D printed model of this distant ice giant. AstroReality products merge the physical properties and tactile experience of the model with their award winning augmented reality experience.

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Neptune - Astro Reality Mini Planet

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Product Description

This is a high quality 3D printed model of the planet Neptune. When you view the planet through AstroReality’s app, you can use it to examine the planet and learn about its features.

The AstroReality Mini Neptune is an ideal educational tool. Students can hold the planet and examine it as a 3D model or through the augmented reality of an app that will work on most iOS and Android platforms.

The Mini Neptune also makes a fantastic gift for those who are interested in space and want to have their own model of this distant ice giant planet.

The models are printed with the latest 3D printing technology and then the final details are hand finished to give exquisite detail and reality to the tactile models.

Neptune is the most distant of the ice giants, these two planets are similar to Jupiter and Saturn except their atmospheres are colder and have water, ammonia and methane ice.


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