Watch the Perseids meteor shower live from the other hemisphere with Slooh

Watch the famous Perseid Meteor Shower online now live with Slooh. The famous shower is too low to observe properly from New Zealand and you'd have to wake up early in the morning for it.

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Watch (and rewatch thanks to the YouTube rewind function) the famous meteor shower the Perseids. Many times we get asked when can we see this very famous meteor shower.

From New Zealand, the constellation Perseus, from where this shower originates – also known as radiant, is too low in the sky. However, this is one of the strongest meteor showers in the Northern Hemisphere and so many people know about it.

Perseus is located just under Matariki in the morning sky — you can just see the lines that mark the constellation in the featured picture. You’d also have to wake up very early in the morning as that’s when it rises. The featured image is of the sky as it would look at 6:20 AM on the morning of 14th of August and we created it with Starry Night Pro 8.

Perseids, by Prokhor Minin on Unsplash