We are starrytellers*!

Space exploration is not about rockets, abstract physics or growing plants on the Moon. It is about the people who are interested in all these subjects, about curiosity and new frontiers.

We want our species to survive and thrive. In order to preserve life, the human race must become a space faring species. Dinosaurs, trilobites and all the other now extinct species never had this opportunity but humans do. 

Our contribution to space exploration is to connect people with accessible knowledge and make them curious to find out more.

Right now, we are the only life we know about. The Universe is an amazing place that works following laws we are just starting to understand through science. And since we are truly made of stardust, we too are the Universe. 

We write about perspectives

We live on a tiny orb suspended in the immensity of space. When it took the fabulous Pale Blue Dot image on Valentine’s Day 1990, the Voyager 1 spacecraft sent back proof that life exists in the Solar System: us. Life is what gives us awareness of the Universe and its magnificence. It is the most wonderful gift, and is up to every one of us to cherish, respect and preserve it. To do this, we must understand what life is. Adding the cosmic perspective shows how lonely, unique and extraordinary we are. With that, space exploration contributes to the world peace. 

The Pale Blue Dot photo is the proof that there is life in our Solar System.

Studying space we discovered how unique and fragile life on our planet is. Right now, we might think that we are hopelessly floating on an orb suspended in the blackness of space. Many people believe we can’t do much about it because they don’t know what’s possible.

By learning about life on Earth, we learn about the Universe. Rather than hopelessly waiting for the next asteroid to hit or climate change to occur, we can do something about it. This is what we wish to communicate.

We want to let people know that every single one of us can make a difference. If we can, you can too.  

Here are three things that you can do right now to start making a difference:

  1. Tell everyone that we are literally made of stardust.
  2. Turn off the light when you not using it to protect the environment from light pollution. 
  3. Look up and appreciate the Universe.

Our team

From the Southern Hemisphere, Haritina Mogoșanu and Samuel Leske write about all things space. Peter Detterline is our Northern Hemisphere correspondent, keeping an eye on the heavens there.

Guest writers

We are happy to have people write for us. If you are interested, drop us a line.

Holly McClellan - Guest writer
Holly McClellan – Guest writer

Kia ora! My name is Holly McClelland. I have loved Astronomy Since I was young and love to share my interest and passion for Astronomy with people. This has led me to studying at the University of Canterbury, being an astronomy guide and observing on research telescopes.


*Starryteller is a one-word for a space and astronomy science communicator and planetarium and telescope operator, invented by Ron Fisher in 2005.

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