The Moon has been a source of wonder and curiosity for humans even since we started looking up. From when Galileo first observed the craters on the lunar surface astronomers have been able to slowly piece together its turbulent history, with some help from a prominent New Zealand astronomer!

Using our planetarium software we take a tour of the lunar features and explore the expansive lava filled seas and piece together the sequence of impact events that have shaped the Moon we see today. It’s through observation of the lunar surface that astronomers have been able to create a timeline of successive bombardments by asteroids. These can also be related to the few remnant impact craters we have on Earth where we can observe the weathering effects of the atmosphere and plate tectonics. In understanding the history of the Moon we get to understand the history of the Solar System and how its stability, that we enjoy today, was significantly different in its turbulent past.

3D printed, augmented reality.

We partnered with Astroreality  to provide a different kind of educational resources. Explore their textures – they are 3D printed or use your phone to discover augmented reality. 

 Mini Planets, Mini Solar System, Earth Pro, Moon Pro, Moon Classic, notebooks, all enhanced with augmented reality. Scan them with your phone and discover layers upon layers of information. 

They always keep the students busy. They are inquiry-based hands-on learning tools. 

We have resources for teachers, please contact us if you are a teacher and already got Astroreality products.