April 2020 in the sky

If you are stuck inside the house this April, we are bringing you the Universe. Also some space News and what's going on in the world of space and astronomy. Come stargazing in our podcast as we look at the stars of April 2020!

Join us in Wairarapa
for stargazing

Or, be an armchair astronomer

If you can’t make it to Wairarapa or New Zealand,  learn astronomy online with us and SLOOH. 

Love this photo? Take your own!

Also check out our favourite astrophotography guide

Learn from 
award-winning photographer Alex Conu

What’s in the sky this month of the year you wonder? So did we and since we are locked inside our houses — or at least some of us are, we wanted to take you stargazing with us — virtually.

April is an amazing month, that ancients dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite and is also the Global Month of Astronomy.

And if you would rather read than listen to us two talking, here’s April in words.