We use the proceeds from the sale of these to provide educational programmes that support the New Zealand Astrobiology Network. You can join us for a Star-Safari on Friday and Saturday nights for stargazing if you’re near Wairarapa and if the weather is good and we will demonstrate the AstroReality range as we find them great for showing our visitors how the Solar System works. We only sell what we have in stock so that we can guarantee you fast delivery anywhere in New Zealand. As we obtain more products we’ll expand the list of what can be purchased. Thank you for visiting our shop and thank you for your support of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics education in New Zealand!



AstroReality is an award-winning brand that innovates by merging physical products with augmented reality to bring space experiences to life in the palm of your hand.

Come and experience our products during Star Safari in Wairarapa

The AstroReality augmented reality resources are a fantastic way to explore the Solar System. With the innovative and easy to use app you can have an amazing augmented reality experience with AstroReality’s high quality 3D printed mini planets. 

About our shop

Milky-Way.Kiwi Ltd is a fully owned and operated company by Hari and Sam. Any profits we make are used to support educational programmes run by the New Zealand Astrobiology Network. We are based in Wellington and operate a stargazing business in the Wairarapa during the weekends. Contact us at Check out the rest of our website where we have podcasts, videos on how to find stuff in the night sky and interesting articles about what is happening in the universe at Milky-Way.Kiwi.