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Milky-Way.Kiwi is a social enterprise. 

Every social enterprise has a beneficial goal, ours is to inspire people to think about our collective future and how they can actively contribute to it. We believe that quality science education with an added cosmic perspective can achieve that.


Discover the magic of the sky.
As we cruise around the Sun,
at night time, we see different constellations culminating each month.

New Zealand’s night skies are truly spectacular. After sunset,  in winter, we can see the centre of our galaxy climbing at Zenith. We definitely see more stars here in the Southern Hemisphere because of that. In late spring, the Milky Way surrounds  the horizon from all directions, as if Earth is floating in a cosmic ocean. This is the time to dive into Pacific Navigation.

Venture with us as we find out every month favourite objects and stories in the sky. 

Astro reality

We partnered with Astroreality because they have amazing educational resources: 3D-printed mini planets, notebooks (and we always loved a good notebook), mugs – who wouldn’t want to drink their coffee with the Moon? All of these products are enhanced with augmented reality. What does that mean is that all you need to do is scan them with your phone and discover a wealth of up to date content and some very cool graphics.  Check them out in our Cosmic Shop.

We love their quality and their tactile design: you can feel the surface of the planets on the models and the notebooks. 

From Space

How to find ...

 This is a series of videos we put together on some of our favourite objects in the sky. Happy hunting! 

In Focus:

Milky-Way.Kiwi started as an astrophotography magazine back in 2009, the International Year of Astronomy. 


On Flight

Space Exploration

Venus – the forgotten planet

Venus doesn’t capture a lot of press time as it’s often overshadowed by the more hospitable Mars and the more photogenic planets of Saturn and Jupiter. It’s not all quiet around Venus, as JAXA has Akatsuki orbiting Earth’s twin and sending back some great images and building our understanding of Venus.

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Join us every weekend for a Star Safari in the dark and beautiful Wairarapa. 

What we've been reading

We are the official partners for SLOOH in New Zealand

SLOOH is and amazing online astronomy programme that we have been using to learn about the night sky and we highly recommend it for anyone who wants to dive deep into the Universe. Slooh is awesome because you can use giant telescopes around the world to take amazing photos of the night sky, like the one above or do your own research. 

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