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April 2020 in the sky

If you are stuck inside the house this April, we are bringing you the Universe. Also some space News and what’s going on in the world of space and astronomy. Come stargazing in our podcast as we look at the stars of April 2020!

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What’s in the sky in August 2019

Prepare your telescopes, we have two amazing planets to observe. If you don’t have telescopes, join us at Space Place at Carter Observatory where we have telescope viewings every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights clear skies. The Centre of the Galaxy has fantastic objects such as open and globular clusters, about which we go into

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Instructions for looking up in December

This podcast has been recorded by us here from New Zealand for Space Place at Carter Observatory and the Jodcast, for the December night sky 2018. The Jodcast is a volunteer podcast about astronomy set up by astronomers based at the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank but aims to cover astronomy carried out all over the Earth and

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The sky of April – a rope of stars

April is the beginning of the season of the planets. Jupiter gets higher in the sky and Saturn and Mars start making an appearance. It’s also the month where we can start to fully appreciate the Milky Way as the Galactic Centre begins to rise.

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Where are the satellites?

Where are the satellites? We hear a lot about GPS, Hubble, the ISS and a load of other satellites, but not often where they are or much about how they got there, or how they stay there.

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