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I love teaching all aspects of astronomy and space sciences but especially to help beginners, teachers and students to get started in this wonderful subject.

Haritina MogoȘanu, Astrobiologist

Haritina Mogoșanu

Haritina (Hari) Mogoșanu is a dedicated astrobiologist with a diverse background in horticultural engineering, international security, intelligence, risk analysis, and planetary protection. Boasting operational and leadership expertise, Hari has successfully organized and directed analog Mars missions, managing field scientists to ensure mission success.


Passionate about bridging the gap between space scientists and communities, Hari actively engages with educational institutions to create hands-on programs that inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts. Drawing from a rich history in numerous successful space outreach initiatives, Hari has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, organizing field trips, conferences, and school programs with both national and international participation.


Haritina Mogoșanu’s contributions to the field have extended to organizing and attending analog astronaut missions at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. Here, Hari has conducted research on human factors relevant to Mars exploration while incorporating extensive outreach components through programs for schools and communities.


Recognized for outstanding space science communication skills, Hari has received multiple nominations and accolades, including the unique honour of having an asteroid named after her: 7101 Haritina. Driven by a love for science and engineering, Hari has found purpose in applying knowledge to support science education and the dream of space exploration. With unwavering enthusiasm, Hari is committed to contributing to humanity’s journey towards becoming a space-faring civilization, fostering a sense of wonder in others through the timeless fascination with the stars.