Kia ora! My name is Holly McClelland. I have loved Astronomy Since I was young and love to share my interest and passion for Astronomy with people. This has led me to studying at the University of Canterbury, being an astronomy guide and observing on research telescopes.

Holly McClelland with the MOA telescope, Mt. John

I first got interested in space when I was 6 years old and watched a Magic School Bus episode. This cartoon episode was about a class that had a field trip where they visited all the planets in our Solar System and after that I was hooked.

I currently work at Earth and Sky (https://www.earthandsky.co.nz/) as a Senior Astronomy Guide where I introduce people to the stars, show people objects through telescopes and talk about the research going on at Mt John Observatory.

My favourite astronomical object is planet Jupiter with its moons. I especially love when one of the moons pass in front of the planet and casts a shadow onto the disk of Jupiter, and you get to see an eclipse on another planet.