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Supernova Saturday

Supernovae cause the biggest explosions in the universe, often out shining their host galaxies. There’s plenty of flavours of supernova and they aren’t all just big stars blowing up.

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One Bright Sunny Day in 1054

It 1054 the night sky was dominated by a supernova that became the Crab Nebula. The event was recorded by Japanese, Chinese and Middle Eastern astronomers and the resulting Nebula become the first object in Charles Messier’s catalog.

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Stardate South Island

Stardate South Island 2023

Stardate South Island was held 17-19 Feb 2023 at Staveley, near Christchurch. It was a fantastic weekend and you can read all about it here.

Venus – the forgotten planet

Venus doesn’t capture a lot of press time as it’s often overshadowed by the more hospitable Mars and the more photogenic planets of Saturn and Jupiter. It’s not all quiet around Venus, as JAXA has Akatsuki orbiting Earth’s twin and sending back some great images and building our understanding of Venus.