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Unique Stargazing Events to see in the night sky

Once you get to know your way around the sky and spend a lot of time under the stars you can start seeing amazing things. These are some of the things that I have seen in my two plus years of being an Astronomy guide, spending almost every night under the stars in a dark

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Brashear Telescope Restoration

The Brashear Telescope is a masterpiece of the Victorian age technology. It stands 9 m tall with a refracting lens of 18 inches (45.72 cm) across. And it is getting a new home in Tekapo, New Zealand. The Brashear Telescope was built in 1894. The mount was built by the company Warner & Swasey Co

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Where are the satellites?

Where are the satellites? We hear a lot about GPS, Hubble, the ISS and a load of other satellites, but not often where they are or much about how they got there, or how they stay there.

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