Check out our podcast and resources about Mars. We recently interviewed Mitch Schulte, NASA scientist with Perseverance Rover about what it is to work on Mars and what do our students need to do if they want a job like that.

Star Safari Podcast

What's in the night sky and the Universe!

We talk about what's currently in the night sky, and what you can see from Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand, and interview interesting and exciting people about astrobiology, Mars, space, and the Universe.

Touch them, they are 3D printed.
Scan them, they are augmented reality.

We partnered with Astroreality  to provide even more educational resources. Mini Planets, Mini Solar System, Earth Pro, Moon Pro, Moon Classic, notebooks, all enhanced with augmented reality. Scan them with your phone and discover layers upon layers of information. 

This should keep your students busy. They are inquiry-based hands-on learning tools. Resources for teachers are included. Contact us if you are a teacher and wish to buy any Astroreality products. 


Quick find: Sombrero Galaxy

In this little video we’ll show you how to find the beautiful Sombrero Galaxy. This is easy to spot and is a very distinctive looking galaxy. The galaxy is about 28 million light years away near the constellation of Corvus. We start by showing you how to find Corvus and assume you already know how to find the Southern Cross. If you don’t know how to find the Southern Cross then watch our video called “How to Find The Southern Cross”. Try this out and let us know if you found the Sombrero Galaxy.

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