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Spaceward Bound New Zealand (SBNZ) is an astrobiology educational programme developed by the New Zealand Astrobiology Network in collaboration with New Zealand teachers, NASA, ESA, JAXA and New Zealand Universities since 2015, using a mātauranga Māori approach and with information specifically tailored for New Zealand teachers and students and based on New Zealand resources and conditions. We work with the New Zealand Astrobiology Network to deliver this programme to schools. 

Our programmes are based around 6 activities. These are: planetarium shows, Mars rovers, Analog Astronauts, Online learning modules, Access to Remote Telescope and Field Trip.

We are focused on delivering our programmes in an environment of cultural safety and respect. This means we engage mana whenua and seek  opportunities for our work to link strongly with local perspectives.

The programme is supplemented by a strong online presence, including mentorship, networking, follow up activities and educational resources for both students, teachers and the communities they are part of.

We provide Teachers PLD and work with:


We provide our PLD through Field-basedSTEM where we work with an amazing team. Please contact us beforehand to discuss a suitable programme if you wish to apply for PLD.

Astrobiology is an umbrella discipline that seeks answers to three questions: What is life?, allowing students to get a unique perspective on life on Earth and how it might have formed; Where else in the Universe can we find life?, as we look for other life beyond Earth, we learn about our own uniqueness and fragility, and how lucky we are to exist here on Earth where so many things had to happen for us to be here, and What is the future of humankind?, which brings agency to our students and teachers as they are learning how everyone can contribute to co-creating a better future for humankind. Astrobiology includes ethics of future exploration and encourages people to think for the future.

Our Activities

Portable Planetarium

Mars Rovers

Analog Astronauts

Online Learning Modules

Access to Remote Telescopes

Astrobiology Field Trip

We run the  Astrobiology Dome for your school or event. 

The Astrobiology Dome is our brand new portable planetarium. With it, we bring two model Mars rovers, telescopes (solar and an 8″ Dobsonian) Astroreality 3D augmented reality models of the Solar System and on our first visit to your school, we give you a year of astronomy follow-up with SLOOH for a class of your students. 

You can also get these programmes separately and you can buy the Astroreality products online in our shop.


Milky-Way.Kiwi supports the New Zealand Astrobiology Network (NZAN) with education services infrastructure and expertise.  Beyond our school visit, through NZAN, your students can benefit from mentorship, astrobiology school holiday programmes, such as Spaceward Bound New Zealand, Seeds in Space, and exclusive talks from our Mars and Planetary sciences experts. Our activities are undertaken under the “Moon to Mars” banner. 

Get in touch

Every school is different and we want to get the best outcomes for you from each visit. We like to connect in person first, to understand what your needs are. Please get in touch, we can either have a short phone call or  a Zoom meeting. We look forward to hearing from you. 

who are our instructors?

Hari is a TEDx-featured astrobiologist who interned at NASA and trained for Mars 
Sam is a space science communicator who is pursuing his passion for astrophysics and stars.